Program TEDxRoermond, March 8th, 2013

Session 1 – 13:30-15:20
Petra Stienen
Abuday Alrahamn Alasaad Education beyond schools for a future beyond limits
Marjolein Caniëls How to unlock creative potential at the workplace
Danny Mekić
Marcel Stoffels From getting to giving, from waiting to creating, from competing to collaborating
Jan Harm Spijkervet Experience the change in life: To live my life from wish to reality
Rowwen Hèze
Session 2 – 15:50-17:30
Tony Porter A call on men
Chantal Smeets From Rollercoaster to Success, A story that combines Bordeaux wine, a passionate lady and Chateau Cadaulan
Carel Hilderink If we really want to change into a desired direction we need a new poldermodel with cohesion, social energy and the ability to bridge differences as central characteristics, based on a commonly developed and agreed strategy
Frank Nottelman Social Sound Control. What is it and is mankind better off with or without it
Gwen van Rosmalen Because Life won’t wait
Colonel Mario Verbeek Why people fly and penguins not, how to realize real change
Dennis Hoogeveen Language is something that will allow us to access the community, but what if the community is set on only one language
Lift off percussion
Session 3 – 18:00 – 19:30
Marcin Jakubowski Open-sourced blueprints for civilization
Frans Bosch Father & Son; Homemade Freedom
Geiske de Ruig With the knowledge of Glycobiology, a new frontier in medicine, everybody will be able to significantly improve his own health in a simple way
Marieke Peters My journey to become a young entrepreneur
Mazen Helmy The other side of a revolution, An alternative community of Hope ◊ Persistence ◊ Empowerment
Karin Jensma Recycle your expertise and make that difference
Sandy Bloom
Session 4 – 20:16 – 22:00
Amanda Palmer The art of asking
Mohamed Helmy How to Build a Grassroots Movement? Success stories from MasterPeace
Bruno Fabre From Social Media towards Metamedia: the first step of creologology
Frans Hofmeester So many emotions in just 3 minutes dictates the whole story of a kid
Immaculee Uwanyiligira Empowering Women = Transformative Change
Mark Eyskens The crisis of Globalistan. The death of ideologies. The need for an ethics of change. The need for a new image of God